The Organetto



Builder unknown, date unknown.  Copied after an instrument by George Taylor.  Acquired from the collection of Howard Mayor Brown. The instrument has 28 keys. Range: D1 to F3. It is operated by hand pump bellows at the rear of the instrument.

Pictures of organettos can be found in paintings and tapestries from the 15th and 16 centuries. 
Some examples are below

The instrument is 16.5 inches wide, 8.0 inches deep (not including the bellows), and 30.25 inches tall at the tallest.


This instrument is featured in David Schrader's Keyboard Tour -- Organetto

This instrument is available for rent.


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Angel with Organetto by Fra Angelico from the original documents found in the Vatican Library's vast Stampe, or prints, collection.


Royal Ladies playing music for a nobleman.
Tapestry. 15 cent. Flanders.

Image source: Tapestries and more.


A Lady playing organ. Tapestry. Musee d'Angers.1430-1497. Image source:

: Tapestries and more.


Le chant d'Amour. E. Burne - Jones. From: Sir Edward Burne - Jones by Russel Ash. 1993.

The Organetto