Instruments in David Schrader's collection.  Most are used for performances and/or recordings:

Clavichord by Hardy Schlick

Clavichord by Paul Irvin.

Single manual harpsichord by Willard Martin*

French style double manual harpsichord by Larry Eckstein*

FortePiano by Rod Regier*

Organetto, unknown builder*

 Two Stop, German style pipe organ by Dan Jaekel

Two manual and pedal, five stop studio pipe organ by James Louder

Five stop, triple transposing positiv pipe Organ by James Louder* 


Several of these instruments can be seen on Mr. Schrader's videos

From the Clavichord to the Modern Piano - Part 1 of 2

From the Clavichord to the Modern Piano - Part 2 of 2

* These instruments are available for rent.



The instruments


The instruments