Build in 1997 by renowned builder Willard Martin this instrument is based on the idea by Marin Mersenne to build a harpsichord reflecting the characteristics of the northern and southern traditions of harpsichord construction the time.  It is strung in brass throughout its entire range.  The range is four octaves plus six notes, from GG to d3. It has two choirs of strings, either or both of which can be dampened.  The instrument has been recorded numerous times with Trio Settecento, Baroque Band, and on solo recordings.  The instrument has been heard numerous times on WFMT radio on its program "Live from Studio One".

 The instrument is 68 inches long and weighs approximately 70 pounds.  It has two stands, one for performing while seated, one or performing while standing.   

This instrument is also featured in the video

From the Clavichord to the Modern Piano - Part 1 of 2


This instrument is available for rent.