Five stop triple transposing Positiv Organ by James Louder

Designed and built by James Louder to serve as either a large continuo organ or a small chapel organ, the organ has five registers, all divided into bass and treble.

The manual compass is 50 notes (C,D–d’’’) and the keyboard may be transposed from A440 to A415 and to A392.. 


The natural keys are of boxwood and the sharps of padouk, capped with ebony. The casework is of solid white oak with pipe-shades of rock maple. The organist may play comfortably while standing, or while seated at the tall bench provided.  Removable panels shield the façade pipes during transport, as well as a fitted, padded cover for the whole instrument. The upper part of the organ, can be removed from the base, which contains the wind system. The organ can be easily transported in the back of a mini-van.  Because a continuo organ in regular use needs to be tuned frequently, the open metal pipes are fitted with tuning collars. This also allows the the organ to be put into various temperaments. The instrument is tuned in Kellner temperament.


Stop List

Bourdon  8’
Principal  4’
Flûte à cheminée  4’
Dessus de Nasard  22/3’
Flûte à bec  2’


This instrument is available for rent.